Baseball fields

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After having studied the great majority of surfaces available in North America, Soltek, in collaboration with our partner Agrébec, have managed to design the best suited surfaces for our Canadian climate.

With Cage Mill type rock crushing equipment, our business focuses on quality and not quantity. This type of equipment produces rounded particles, besides providing manufactured sand, clay and silt. SOLTEK surfaces are subjected to strict quality controls, ensuring enhanced consistency. Independent tests show that our surfaces for sporting fields are among the best available on the market.

Beam Clay surface products for sporting fields have been the reference in the United-States for more than 80 years. They are suppliers for many professional teams in the Major Leagues. Beam Clay materials and equipment are now available at SOLTEK.

very high-end mixture that goes beyond the ratio of sand, silt, virgin clay. In addition to perfect particle calibration, these are manufactured from clay brick, clay shale, granite and expanded clay. This results in an exceptional blend, which, thanks to its composition, offers superior resistance to fractionation.

The Ball-Set-Mix has been the benchmark for the design of ball field forecourt in Quebec for several years. Composed of clay brick, clay shale, limestone and virgin clay, Ball-Set-Mix is used on land considered the most beautiful in the country.

Red clay

The classic blend of red clay! Our mixture of red clay is produced according to recognized principles of calibration clay, sand and silt. Offered in a firm or draining mixture, and produced in Quebec according to American standards. The classic clay mixture offers an excellent playing surface of a bright red for professional or semi-professional terrains.

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