Volleyball Court

An Olympic quality court!

For more than 20 years now, the popularity of beach volleyball has been on the rise across the world. The high standards of quality for sand in this sport have made Soltek a leader in the production of this type of aggregate.

Soltek volleybell sand is produced with the most recent technology for the extraction and the refining of the sand to make sure we obtain an unparalleled quality in the industry. By offering this washed and classified sand that respects the norms set by the FIVB, we sell you the best product on the market to offer you maximum performances, and at a competitive price!

Without any organic matter and offering an excellent drainage, the courts built with Soltek sand offer improved performance, safety and an extended service life to your courts.

At Soltek, we not only offer you products, but also the expertise to build your indoor or outdoor courts.

Looking to install a volleyball court?

Benefits of Soltek volleyball sand: