Sporting Fields

The protection of the environment and the conservation of quality green spaces and sporting fields oblige us to develop optimal soil structures for the grass.

Soil being the foundation of a healthy plant, we make sure we create root mixes that respect your expectations and goals. Whether there are mixes with established standards, USGA, or specific mixes for particular demands and criteria, we have the expertise to produce what you really need.

Are you looking to install a sporting field?

Valued qualities of a sporting field are:

Soltek mixes:

*Available with peat humus. Customized mixes are also available.

Soltek sands are:

Benefits and qualities of Soltek mixes:


Topdressing is a cultivation practice that is necessary for the health of the grass, specifically on sporting fields and the traffic caused by its use. A regular topdressing will ensure the playing surface remains level, improve the existing soil, control culm and enhance the structure of the soil for a better root establishment and drainage. It will also make a difference for your seeding work.

Features of Soltek topdressing sand:

Environment being one of our top priorities, we have made major investments in the last few years to convert our equipment to renewable energy, electricity. This state of the art equipment limits our ecological footprint during the production of our materials, which represents a great source of pride for our company.